Dedication to Water Quality

We grow our oysters from just a few millimeters up to market size all within Harris Creek. Oysters are filter feeders that clean our bay waters, while also creating critical habitat for life going up the food chain. We diligently manage our oysters' growing conditions to ensure they are kept clean and provided with enough space to thrive. Most of their growing life is spent in cages raised slightly off the bottom of Harris Creek, the entirety of which is an oyster sanctuary and home to one of the largest oyster reef restoration in the Chesapeake Bay. The combined effort of these planted oyster reefs and our farmed oysters help create clear waters. These waters give our oysters a clean taste with soft salinity.

Land operations are based in Wittman, Maryland. This site in rural Talbot county is home to a historic oyster shucking house that has been rejuvenated by next generation watermen. About 10 minutes from downtown St. Michaels, we hope you'll pay us a visit. Our oysters can be harvested and enjoyed year round.

“A family run business, local oysters, it's perfect!”